About Us

Eileen Kamp loves a design challenge.

With a habit of finding inspiration in the most unexpected places, Eileen Kamp has the ability to see the creative potential in even the most mundane environments.

Since 2003, Eileen Kamp has been offering Retailers and Shopping Malls the services of Store Design, Retail Design Consultation and Visual Merchandising. 

Having a strong understanding of how visual dynamics in retail can affect the bottom line, Eileen works one on one with her clients, both nationally and internationally, to develop tailored design solutions to create dynamic retail environments no matter how large or small the business.


Eileen Kamp designs unique brand related store environments that address the specific needs and aspirations of businesses and their target customers. 

Eileen welcomes the challenge of creating practical yet exciting stores on even the tightest of budgets in the belief that even the smaller retail operators should succeed in an often tough industry.


For new retailers who are finding their feet in the market, or for those established businesses that understand the importance of constant self- analysis in order to stay ahead, Eileen Kamp also offers one-on-one consultations. These consultations focus on the improvement of visual presentation, traffic dynamics and brand identity within the store or shopping environment. 

Eileen Kamp takes a hands on approach to show how instantly effective many changes can be.


Eileen Kamp knows that great visual presentation of a shopping environment can inspire, educate, and entertain potential customers. Eileen and her team develop and implement unique concept installations from small window vignettes to large-scale promotional displays for those bigger commercial environments.